A website refresh for an important women's health initiative

The National Education Toolkit for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Awareness (NETFA) are an Australian project funded by the Federal Government that is working to end female genital mutilation or cutting by 2030. An existing brand, NETFA wanted to update their brand styling and overhaul their website to complement their new brand messaging and renewed strategic plan.

Project type Website
Hats UI Designer Front-End Developer
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A unique design challenge

NETFA had a very unique, and rather unusual in this day and age, challenge to overcome with their new website: they had no brand images. The diverse portrayal of women was an important requirement in their brand messaging, so a set of images was created by using stock imagery converted into oil paintings. The effect added artistic flair to the design, and used sparingly, allowed the representation of the women to be representational rather than presentational.

Simplified resource hub

NETFA’s primary service is the curation and availability of essential resources and documentation regarding female genital mutilation. Their existing online resource archive was confusing and split between different sections, making it difficult to browse or filter the material. Their entire pool of resources were merged into one database, which was redesigned with additional search, filtration and categorisation functionality to make it easy to find resources.