Cushion House

New brand & online store for Australia's leading custom-made cushion designers

Cushion House is a leading independent manufacturer of custom-made cushions in Australia. Offering fully configurable design of their entire product range and simple online ordering, Cushion House needed to modernise and overhaul their website to support developing customers needs and increasing sales volumes. With a focus on UX to improve the product configuration and purchase process, the website was completely redesigned, supported by a brand refresh.

Project type E-Commerce Branding
Hats UI Designer UX Designer


In their early years, Cushion House focused strongly on developing their product range, manufacturing process and customer service. As they continue to scale, it was time to overhaul their branding to reflect the quality of their products and service and support the new website design. In addition to a revised logo, new type, colour and graphic treatments were developed to add warmth, texture and vibrancy. The new brand design establishes the next phase for the business and provides visual distinction in the market.

Design system

To support the website's future growth, and provide modularity in the design, a digital design system was created. The design system contains a full suite of style tokens, atomic elements and modules, with clear documentation for all usage, interaction, accessibility and technical considerations.

Information architecture

The website features a large range of indoor and outdoor custom and ready-made cushions, plus an extensive catalogue of fabrics and foams for their custom options. The information architecture was revised to cluster cushions by indoor and outdoor applications, each categorised by type and shape. The final structure created an intuitive navigation and content hierarchy, helping customers to easily find the cushion they're looking for.

Cushion builder

Every custom cushion is configurable by size, finish and add-ons, all available in a massive range of fabrics. Configuring cushions is the primary function of the website, and customers must navigate these choices before placing their order. The website's cushion builder was completely restructured, with decisions broken into clear steps, fabric choices intuitively grouped into collections, support for different measurement units and reflexive options populating as the customer progresses. The final configuration dynamically updates adjacent to key actions, smoothly transitioning through to checkout.

Intuitive checkout

Carrying through from the cushion builder, the checkout process maintains clear direction and provides quick access to the customer's cart, and most importantly, the full specifications of each product configuration. Customer's can quickly jump right back into the cushion builder to edit their design, and return promptly to continue checkout.

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