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Summerstar Tourist Parks are a group of family-owned and operated Western Australian caravan parks, holiday parks and tourist parks, showcasing the best of Western Australia across land and sea from Esperance to Broome. As the business continues to expand, and open new locations across the state, the time came for Summerstar to revisit their brand strategy and rebuild their website, with a focus to streamline the trip planning and booking process, key parts of their customer experience.

Project type E-Commerce Branding
Hats UI Designer UX Designer


To facilitate a modern website design, we headed back to the drawing board and developed a new brand identity. Honouring the history of the business, the new brand was developed as an evolution of Summerstar's existing logo. Dubbed the "Summer's Star", the new logo mark depicts the horizon, sunshine and sweeping landscapes of rural Western Australia, injecting movement and energy, painted with a vibrant colour palette. Focused on fun, family and adventure, the new branding personifies the free-spirited nature of their travellers.

Design system

To support the website's future growth, and provide modularity in the design, a digital design system was created. The design system contains a full suite of style tokens, atomic elements and modules, with clear documentation for all usage, interaction, accessibility and technical considerations.

Trip planner

The centre-piece of the entire website and the most critical tool for customers, the trip planner appears persistently throughout and provides a fast tool for finding available accommodation. Customers select a park, pick their preferred dates and number of guests, and are quickly provided with available accommodation to start booking their trip. When not used, the trip planner remains context-aware, automatically switching the currently active park for customers casually browsing multiple parks.

Quick booking

Once the customer has arrived at an accommodation listing, the floating booking panel provides constant access to the trip planner tools and booking function. Changing dates or guests dynamically checks availability and provides instantaneous feedback, with rich messaging guiding the customer through any challenges. If incomplete, the remainder of the trip planner can be completed in-situ here, without moving the customer away from the accommodation they're about to book.

Itinerary & checkout

Each booking is added to the customer's itinerary, chronologically displaying their entire booking with easy edit functions to quickly change dates, guests and extras. The itinerary is available throughout the entire checkout process, which is broken into 3 short steps. Clear visual progression and streamlined payment functionality keep the entire flow simple.

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